Leftover Flooring Bench

So my husband started his Christmas vacation last week.  In that one week alone, I believe he has accomplished more home improvement projects than all the other days combined this year.  This of course makes me a very happy wife.

There is one project that I am particularly proud of him.  You see few years ago, we purchased some hardwood flooring for the house.  After the job was completed, we were left with quite a few hardwood flooring.  At the time, he had wanted to upcycle the leftover wood to make a custom bench for the entryway.  A few years later we finally have our bench...

To make the bench, we took 18 pieces of the smallest set of hardwood flooring, about 14 x 5 inches.  And laid the wood side by side to make a bench long enough to cover one side of the entry way, about 7 feet long.  Then using wood screw, my husband secured the hardwood flooring to 3 two-by-four lumbers.

For the bench legs, we decided to go with metal plumbing to give it a trendy industrial look.  Our visit at the home depot was a blast.  In order to make the legs to a certain height, 17 inches to be exact, we had to play around with various combinations/configurations of pipes, fittings and joints.  I would compare building the legs with metal plumbing pipes to playing with LEGO.

A word of caution, although the cost of each piece of plumbing pipe/joint may not seem significant, a dollar here and there do add up very quickly.  In fact, the bulk of our cost to build this bench was the metal plumbing legs.  The total cost of metal plumbing is close to $80.

While my husband might be done with building the bench, I am not quite done with it yet.  Still have to fill in the screw holes.  And while I am at it, I might add a few finishing touches myself.  If you have seen my other projects, you would know I am quite fond of chalkboard art.  Perhaps you have a chalkboard art suggestion for me?

To be continued...

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  1. Wow! This looks great! Love the card/art display too!
    Nicely done;)
    Would love to see the whole space.
    Maybe you`ll like to come over and check out my little blog;)
    Love & hugs

    1. Thank you Lydia for the kind comment. I've also added a new photo that shows the whole space. Enjoy!

  2. Great idea! very cute! Just a suggestion to avoid the screw holes tho, perhaps only using 2 2X4's, laying them the other way and then screwing the wood flooring from the underside (through the 2X4's obviously) just enough without coming up through the top. Would that work? I made subway art boards doing it that way and it seems to work. Beautiful flooring too, btw.

    1. Thanks Beth for the great feedback. It was my husband project so I just let him do his thing and then get the credit on my blog =) If I were to do it myself, I will certainly take into consideration your suggestion.

  3. this gives me and idea for doing a dining room table top with the industrial pipe legs. Of course that would be expensive if it was 80 for the legs on the bench but then much cheaper than going out and buying a cheaply made overpriced dining room table. I love the bench...so cool.
    Would have posted under google but I never remember my name and passwords...