Deer Head Bench

Once again I found myself blogging another furniture makeover even though I did previously say that I would hold off blogging until next year.  It was not my intention to do a furniture makeover so I can blog.  But rather, I had such an awesome time with this Christmas project that I have to blog and share the joy.

Some time ago I came across this stunning chalkboard graphics on Pinterest and I knew there was no way I was going to pass off the opportunity to take advantage of it.  I particularly like the deer head graphic.  

Speaking of deer head, it seems to be making a comeback in home decorating.  I was at a local Christmas vintage market last month and there were definitely more vendors selling antlers and the like than I could remember from last year.  I almost tempted to get a pair of antlers to hang on the wall… but in the end I think putting a deer head graphic on a piece of furniture suits my style more.

When the idea to use the deer head graphic first came to me, I was not all too keen on experimenting with this bench at first.

I think I was too distracted by the stripes on the fabric to see its true potential.  In fact, at one point I have even considered replacing it with a much more rustic looking wood bench.  

I’m so glad I snapped out of it and reworked this bench by sending these stripes to the background by white washing the fabric with some homemade chalk paint.  Once the stripes are out of my sight, I was able to appreciate the bench.

I thought the bench looked a little lonesome by itself and decided to add a couple of red cushions.  As always, my personal touch always finds its way in many things if not everything.  And yes, I did paint the angel wings and words on them.  

Now I am ready for Christmas unless another inspiration propels me to do another furniture makeover... nah I doubt it.

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