From Trash to Treasure

Many years ago, we had reluctantly inherited a pair of vintage nightstands.  I was not a big fan of them since day one.  They were dated and a bit of an eye sore to me.  In fact, on a few occasions I have seen similar style of furniture left on the sidewalk with a sign that said “FREE” begging anyone to just take them away.  If I could find something ANYTHING structurally wrong with the nightstands, I would have been more than happy to part with them.  Oh how I loathed these indestructible solid wood furniture which were built to outlive me… 
(I never took a "before" picture of my nightstands.  
This was the closest one I could find on google)

For weeks I had searched unsuccessfully on craigslist in hope of finding some cheap furniture for my next chalk painting project.  Just when I thought I was at the end of my rope, my husband reminded me of the long forgotten nightstands that had been left collecting dust in the basement.  “Hmmm…” I thought to myself “That’s gonna be a huge waste of time and paint to tackle these pair…”  If I were to have any chance of selling them on craigslist, I would have to take creativity to a whole new level!  

I was really unsure about doing chalkboard art on the nightstands.  It was definitely risky since I had never seen it done before but I went with my gut anyway.  Once finished, I turned them over to craigslist and waited in anticipation.  Well… actually, I didn’t have to wait too long.  The nightstands were sold in a matter of day!  I guess I did alright on this one after all.

 P.S.  When it was all said and done, there was a part of me that was sad to see the nightstands go…


  1. Great job! I love the color and I love the graphics you added. It's no surprise they sold so fast. Thanks for sharing at our Vintage Inspiration Party.

    1. Thanks for the compliment. It's so encouraging to hear from experts like yourself. Will be keeping an eye out for inspiration from you on Pinterest.

  2. awesome! Love the job you did on these babies!!!!