Union Jack Step Table

When I first laid my eyes on this vintage style step table, it screamed "Union Jack" at me.

There are definitely no shortages on Union Jack's "how to" tutorials if you google online.  But since I am slightly math inclined, I found this website showing the picture below was rather useful.

I started off the Union Jack by painting the entire area white.

A few coats of white paint later, I used painter's tape to expose the area to be painted blue.  I've seen many examples where people at this stage would arrange the painter's tape for the blue and red to be painted at the same time.  Not a bad idea except my Union Jack design is a bit too small for this method to work.  So in the end, I opted for prepping and painting the blue and red separately.

After the blue paint went on, I removed the tape while the paint was still wet to prevent tearing. 

Once the blue paint had dried completely, I repeated the same process for the final paint, red, to go on.  And once the tape was removed... ta-da. 

Don't you agree Union Jack is such a classic design?

PS. I had problems with my painter’s tape bleeding so make sure you get a good quality painter’s tape.  Having to go and manually correct the bleeding paint, it ended up costing me so much more time.  I guess I should have listened to my husband in the first place and went for the expensive FROGTAPE.

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  1. Wow, how creative. Yes, I agree the Union Jack is a classic design. I never envisioned it on one of these tables. That's impressive thinking outside the box. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey