In the beginning...

Not so long ago, I lived a fast paced life style of working full time in the city of Vancouver and being a mother to my two school age children.  Working, keeping the house in order, ensuring my children are thriving and keeping my marriage strong was a challenge.  Long story short, we moved to the suburb and I quit my job to become a full time mom.  With the new change came a new challenge: more time and less money.  The pressure was on for me to be more creative with a smaller budget.  And before you know it, I started thrift shopping and turning something used, something old, something vintage into (and I hope you would agree) something beautiful.

When we first moved into our new house, we needed a pair of bedside tables.  This was my very first second hand furniture purchase...

And, this was my very first DIY furniture make over.  I named it the "His and Hers" nightstands. 

I found these images from The Graphics Fairy and applied them on the top of the nightstands using the Mod Podge transfer method.

I had every intention of keeping the nightstands.  Unfortunately, they didn't go with my existing bedroom decor.  The choice was either to keep the french provincial style nightstands and replace the existing contemporary bedroom set or let them go.  I chose the latter.  Which led me to my very first craigslist selling experience...  And the rest is history.


  1. How lovely are the details after the coat of paint. Very creative to add the pop of color in the drawers and the wreath graphic on the top. Thank you so much for sharing at Make It Monday. (I am sure they are loved in their new home - though the last sentence is a bit ominous :>/ ) Pinning and sharing.

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    1. Thank you. Always nice to hear good feedback.

  3. The nightstands look fabulous!
    Patricia at